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21 Trendy Shag Haircuts for Any Length

Courtesy Wes Sharpton ... The textured style is having a moment again, so here's a little photo inspiration you can take to the salon.

Allure: If there's anything that's always in style, it's nostalgia. Some of the more popular beauty trends we see today include bright, colorful shadows that bring us back to the '80s; rhinestones and gems applied around the eyes, a throwback from the early 2000s; and of course, the shag haircut, which harkens back to '70s. The distinctly layered style was also huge in 2019, but this year, it's become impossible to ignore again thanks to hairstylists and celebrities. Holly Seidel, a Los Angeles-based stylist who counts the shag amongst her specialties, thinks it's the cut's inherently rebellious nature that's kept it relevant over decades. "Women are tired of being told to hide their natural textures," she tells Allure. "They want to wear it or at least have the option, and a well-cut shag gives them that freedom."

In 2022, the shag cut can be as much or as little of a commitment as one wants it to be. It can be short, long, drastic, subtle — but though the possibilities are endless, most shags are characterized by their volume-creating layers and face-framing shapes. "As a whole, a shag is cut by pulling everything forward with more dramatic contrast of layering [rather] than the average long layers," says Nashville-based stylist Andy Judd. He prefers to razor-cut most layers on wet hair and make adjustments after drying, but says plenty of hairdressers have learned their own signature techniques that are just as effective.

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