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Everything You Need To Know About Susanne Bartsch's New Weekly Friday Night Party!

Susanne Bartsch, Aquaria (Vincenzo Dimino) ...

FashionWeekDaily: New York nightlife is back—and so is Susanne Bartsch. The legendary nightlife figure and event producer returned last week with the launch night of her splashy new weekly party, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, at the SONY Hall. Performers included Amanda Lepore and Aquaria, and there were plenty of drag queens, glitter, feathers, and metallic balloons for all. Ahead of her big night, we talked to Bartsch about returning to the nightlife crowd, her life in quarantine, and why partying IRL is better than Zoom.

You’re officially back on the New York nightlife scene this summer! How does it feel? I’m excited. It’s going to be very cool to be live with people for the first time since March 6. [It’s] such a relief. It’s like a 100-degree turnaround from nothing. I mean, we’re going from doing nothing overnight, and seeing nobody, to now having so many things going on. Not just nightlife, but a bunch of event-related stuff. Oh my gosh, I have to get used to it! I’m really, really grateful that I’m able to get back in. We have regulations and rules that we have to follow. It’s challenging, the sit-down thing, and managing everything. It’s definitely an extra toll. COVID has not gone away yet!

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