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Facial Recognition: Sam Visser Layers Pigment and Projection to Surreal Effect

Man Zuo Xi. ... Makeup by Sam Visser Photographs by Carlijn Jacobs Styled by Imruh Asha Hair by Olivier Schawalder Written by Sandra Ballentine ...

WMAG: “I’m always trying to remix the makeup I was influenced by when I was much younger,” says 23-year-old makeup artist (and Dior beauty ambassador) Sam Visser, who started experimenting with cosmetics when he was in junior high; at 16, he had already developed a sizable following on social media for the edgy but glamorous looks he records in photos and videos. “I love makeup that makes someone look beautiful, but I also want to twist it and not make it feel too classic,” says Visser, who uses a 1990s VHS camera to capture hyperreal statements on celebrity friends such as Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, and Ariana Grande.

View on-site @salonwithoutwalls.


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