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In AnOther Magazine Autumn/Winter 2022, Björk Speaks

PHOTOGRAPHY Nick Knight STYLING Edda Gudmundsdottir INTERVIEW Ocean Vuong

Björk is wearing a pleated organza harness and dress embellished with crystalline edging and sequin fringing and latex bodysuit custom-made by Alessandro Michele for Gucci. AnOther Magazine Autumn/Winter 2022, Björk speaks with vulnerability and candour to the acclaimed author, poet and ardent fan Ocean Vuong

Björk: Ocean, I read your wonderful book about your mother, Time Is a Mother. It’s so mind-blowing. I was crying over it. Ocean Vuong: Oh, thank you so much. I’ve been really enjoying immersing myself in your new album, Fossora. It’s also a pleasure to talk to you again after our serendipitous meeting in New York in 2019. I’ll never forget it – it was this 90F day in October. My mother was sick and it was one month before she passed and you were so generous with me – so mothering. What I realised with your music – and this album especially – is that we all have a mother, but we also have people, friends, family who mother us. Mothering is also an act without gender as well as a biological reality – it’s both. When we met, you had just lost your own mother. It was wonderful to have two artists see each other so clearly, so I just want to thank you again for that.

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