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Karlie Kloss as 'The Tech Savant' in the Pirelli Calendar 2023

Karlie Kloss for the Pirelli 2023 Calendar (Emma Summerton) News: For the Pirelli Calendar 2023, photographer Emma Summerton focused on the theme ‘Love Letters to the Muse’ which saw many of the zeitgeist’s most recognizable supermodels elaborate on their super powers and transform into a captivating, highly stylized version of those interests and skills. For Karlie Kloss, it was a rare chance to show her tech-savvy side in such a high gloss and aspirational way. The mom-of-one has had a career that belies her 30 trips around the sun, but by the sounds of it, the world is her oyster and there’s much, more more to come. We caught up with her last month at the press preview to get a sense of what she’s cooking up—in this world, and the digital one!

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