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Orbis Pictus Galerie Opens: Jean Yves Cousseau - Paris, France

Jean Yves Cousseau


Quoi qu'il en soit (be that as it may)

Orbis pictus: With his photographs, Jean Yves Cousseau transforms his photographs, erasing any notion of temporality in order not to risk being confined to a nostalgic posture. He chooses to flay all his photographs and to oxidize many of these prints. Subjected to this assault, the photographs undergo metamorphoses that reinforce or alter the meanings they carry: rust, stains and scratches are inscribed on them, reviving them by instilling a new memory and contributing to the work’s reflection of time.

For the artist, photography is not only recording reality but working upon the medium. Isn't this an approach worthy of a contemporary ecologist who is devoted to his environment?

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