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The French-Girl Secret to Refreshing Your Bangs

BEAUTY: Since cutting curly bangs (and never looking back), I’ve had to adjust to the realities of maintaining them. I’m not just talking about visits to the salon for trims but keeping my fringe robust—soft, spiraled, and voluminous—day-to-day, especially between washes. It’s something that becomes a real to-do in summer as the humidity gives way to the ever-unpleasant phenomenon of bangs sweat. Within a day of washing my hair, my bangs are already sopping up excess perspiration, makeup, and skin care on my face, making them appear limp and greasy looking. A natural solution for this quandary is, of course, dry shampoo. Unfortunately, though, not many offerings fit the unique needs of both my curls and on-the-go lifestyle, and I am often left disappointed. But leave it to makeup artist Violette, with her coveted French-girl fringe, to create the best dry shampoo for bangs in both form and function.

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