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Timothée Chalamet on French-Guy Hair, Filming With Scorsese...

... and Being the New Face of Bleu de Chanel

. BEAUTY: Timothée Chalamet rarely gets grilled about his beauty routine. Still, there’s really no escaping the question of his exquisitely disheveled hair. When we meet on a drizzly spring morning in New York, he’s ensconced in a squishy black leather armchair and dressed in all black—Nike tee, workwear pants, Craig Green sneakers—and his gently mussed, side-parted curls are undeniably the main event. “You’re actually the first person to ask me about my hair. What’s the secret?” he repeats, bemused by my opener. “There really isn’t one. When I wake up, it’s a roll of the dice,” says Chalamet, preempting my next question: “And I get my hair from my dad.”


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