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W Volume Two 2021, The Directors Issue

Emerald Fennell wears a Gucci sweatshirt and pants; Theo Fennell rings. TheBlingBabyy custom cup. ... Emerald Fennell Casts Herself as the Eccentric Next Door


Presenting the final cover of our Directors Issue starring Emerald Fennell, directed, photographed, and styled by Emerald Fennell. The past year has been a whirlwind of success for the Oscar-nominated #PromisingYoungWoman director who also wrote and produced the film (as well as charmed audiences with her portrayal of Camilla Parker Bowles in #TheCrown). For her W photo shoot titled ‘Home Alone,’ the British multihyphenate conjured a tale of an eccentric housewife with a highly specific sense of style complete with a custom bejeweled cup. Link here for the full story. ... Emerald Fennell directed by Emerald Fennell Photography: Emerald Fennell Styling: Emerald Fennell Story: Lynn Hirschberg Hair: @oskarperahair Makeup: @francescabrazzo Manicure: @nailsbymh W VOLUME TWO 2021, THE DIRECTORS ISSUE


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