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Armani Beauty's Luminous Silk Is Still Everyones Favorite Foundation, 24 years later!

Photo: Courtesy of Armani Beauty


Hiromi Ueda, Armani Beauty's new Global Makeup Artist, reflects on the game-changing product's impact, plus her beauty inspirations and the trend she's excited about for spring.

BEAUTY: Hiromi Ueda is entering 2024 having accomplished something many makeup artists dream of: Armani Beauty recently tapped her as its new Global Makeup Artist Ambassador. In this role, she will create the makeup looks for the brand's campaigns and all Giorgio Armani fashion week shows.

It's a moment Ueda has seemingly been preparing for over a lifetime. Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, she traces her fondness for beauty back to age seven or eight, when she'd play with her mother's makeup. "She would go out shopping for 10 minutes, and I was just using her makeup," Ueda recalls. "I remember she would get upset [at me] since I was ruining her lipstick."


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