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Dior MUA Peter Philips & Jewelry Designer Yoon Ahn on Timeless Beauty

Photography by Anya Holdstock Styled by Jennifer Eymere

BEAUTY: Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup Peter Philips and Dior Men Jewelry Designer Yoon Ahn talk about the ultimate timelessness of beauty, global influence, and the new Rouge Dior Forever Lipstick.

While trends move at lightning fast speeds and the TikTok generation causes makeup products to go viral in a flash, Peter Philips’ approach to beauty is rooted in timelessness. It’s apparent in his work on the Dior runways, where the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup has focused on stunning beauty looks that remain fresh season after season. Philips has led Dior’s makeup team for over eight years, staying aesthetically classic, but innovating when it comes to product formulations, where performance drives his creations—like with the latest Rouge Dior Forever Lipstick.

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