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Does John Galliano Deserve His Comeback? A New Documentary Lets You Decide



In High & Low: John Galliano director Kevin Macdonald confronts the designer's fall from grace and whether or not art should be separated from the artist.

W CULTURE: Even if you’ve never set foot in a cinema, you’ve likely seen the beginning of the new John Galliano documentary, High & Low, which premieres today on Mubi. The film opens with the designer’s most vile and viral moment, a bilious 2011 rant at a Paris cafe, where the fashion designer praises Hitler and condemns Jews and Asians. “The incident,” as Galliano refers to it, was captured on a smartphone, shared globally, et voila. Galliano was fired from his job as Dior’s much-lauded creative director, condemned by online fans, and skewered by Taran Killam on Saturday Night Live“I am winning at life; I look like a pirate on meth!” he proclaimed, as Miley Cyrus giggled beside him.

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