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Harley Weir’s New Self-Portraits Take Aim at Toxic Beauty Standards

AnOther: In her latest book, the photographer turns the camera on herself for the first time – here, she talks about sex dolls, the allure of plastic surgery, and the increasingly artificial beauty standards of today.

Harley Weir is finally ready to show herself to the world. Despite her status as one of the world’s most sought-after image-makers – lauded for her delicate, sensual and empathetic images of nature, bodies and sex organs – Weir has managed to maintain a certain level of mystique; no mean feat in today’s hyper-self-conscious, social media-obsessed culture. “It’s almost like you don’t exist if you don’t post images of yourself on Instagram,” she says over a fuzzy phone line from an airport in Madrid.

Link on-site for full-feature @salonwithoutwalls


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