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The ’80s Called–These Hair Trends Are Back

Lionel Hahn/Getty Images


HAIR TRENDS:  Did you grimace when you saw the headline on this story? References to ’80s beauty typically conjure visions of either enduring icons like Madonna, or, frizzy perms and Pat Butcher-style metallic make-up–there isn’t much in between. But with no fewer than four major celebrities stepping out with hair unmistakably inspired by the decade of excess in recent days, we’re calling it: ’80s hair is well and truly back.

Notable for its volume and fluffy finish, ’80s hair is big and brushed-out. Back then, hairspray was an essential, with many misting their manes into rigid shapes that felt crispy and stiff due to the old-school formulations. The perm was another big part of the era, as were mullets and other outré haircuts of the time (think shags and wolf cuts), which have crept back towards the edge of the mainstream over the past couple of years.

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