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7 Biggest Makeup Trends for Spring

A model walking the runway at Victoria Beckham's spring show. Armando Grillo / Spring runways were an enchanting preview of what’s to come in the new year: bedazzled brows, hyper-glowing skin, vinyl lips. It’s time for a fresh start. Allure: Round and round (and round!) we go. Trends are cyclical and in 2023, we are headed straight back to the future for makeup inspiration. The Euphoria effect is fading, contour is currently not in our vocabulary, and it’s a new beginning… that might just look a little familiar. Take ‘90s makeup: In 2023, "We're going to steal that fresh skin, but we're not going to tweeze our brows away in the process," says makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown, who works with Alicia Keys, Whitney Peak, and Gabrielle Union. "Every time we grab a trend that we've seen before, we elevate it. It’s never quite as it was."

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