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A Look Back at Ariana Grande's Biggest Hair Moments


InStyle: It's safe to say that Ariana Grande has the world's most recognizable ponytail. But while her signature updo has informed the bulk of the pop star's career, Grande's hair evolution has included a myriad of colors, textures, and styles. What began as a mane of natural brunette curls morphed into a stint of red-tinged interpretations before Grande's entry into the ombré realm, followed by blonde morphing to brunette and back again.

Still, the ponytail provides endless inspiration. Grande's updos are all about high-on-the-head placement paired with long, full lengths. They essentially moonlight as bombshell blowouts, with sleek finishes and cheeky details accenting them along the way. Grande's hair evolution currently culminates in a dreamy blonde donned for her forthcoming film, Wicked, before transforming into a standout platinum shade worthy of full-time wear.

Below, scroll through 29 of Grande's most memorable hair moments.

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