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How to Wear the Black Lip Gloss Trend

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

... As makeup artists continue to get more creative in their craft, this trend caught our attention. ...

BEAUTY: Getting out of your old makeup routine can be tricky, but sometimes all you need is one product to change the game. As black lip gloss has made its way into the spotlight, it's time to take advantage of the subtly bold trend. If you've ever wanted to try black lipstick, this is the perfect way to ease into the powerful look. Giving a softer gothic glam aesthetic, this sheer gloss has taken over TikTok and Instagram as influencers and even celebrities give it a try. Hopping on the trend, Julia Fox suggested a gloss that she swears by, the Isamaya Liplaq. As Rihanna once said, black lipstick could be the new red. We just haven't given it a chance yet. Here, L'OFFICIEL has put together a few ways to style and play with the black lip gloss trend.

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