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Is Taylor Swift Making an 'Eras Tour' Documentary?

Photo via Getty Images.

Here's why fans think so. With Taylor Swift's Eras Tour an international success, fans are speculating the singer has a new documentary in the works.

L'Officiel: Taylor Swift is the queen of surprises, and she may just have one of her most exciting surprises in the works yet. There's a rumor floating around that Swift is making a documentary for her internationally acclaimed "Eras Tour" — a rumor we hope is confirmed sooner rather than later.

The speculation was first sparked as fans took notice of a camera crew present throughout the entirety of Swift's Eras Tour, getting footage of her on stage, her fans, and what seems to appear behind-the-scenes shots as well. While having cameramen at worldwide tours is nothing new, the extent of this camera crew leaves fans to believe there may be something larger at play.

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