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Lady Gaga’s Nano-Bangs Might Be The Shortest Fringe Of All Time

David Jon/Getty Images

TZR Celebrity: Alot has changed since Lady Gaga released her most recent studio album, Chromatica, back in 2020. In the four full years since she dropped the record, she’s built a cosmetics empire, filmed a handful of movies, and embarked on worldwide stadium tour. But for dedicated Little Monsters and casual fans alike, the drought between releases is just too much bear — it sure seems like that’s all about to change, though. At the May 24th red carpet premiere for her Chromatica concert special on HBO, Lady Gaga’s short bangs, jet-black hair, and bleached brows felt at once classically her and totally fresh, suggesting to many fans that she’s about to embark on a new musical era. Gaga herself seemed to confirm the impending release in the HBO special, which concludes with the message “LG7 GAGA RETURNS” briefly flashing across the screen. The question, however, is if this new look concludes one album cycle or kicks off an entirely different one?

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