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Moncler x Alicia Keys - A New York Attitude for that Worldwide Dream

It’s with an embrace of limitless urban ethos that Moncler has teamed up with iconic songstress and fashion favorite, Alicia Keys, for a bold, effortlessly gender-neutral collection. The new Moncler x Alicia Keys, inspired by the never sleeping cultural hotbed of the pop star’s native New York, harnesses the city’s confidence and swagger, its unequivocal street style, and dishes it out for the world at large.

“Moncler and me go way back to when I was a little kid during those New York winters. A Moncler was something you could see, but not quite reach yet. That high vision of excellence to strive for. This collection is like fulfilling that childhood wish on an epic scale.” - Alicia Keys

View on-site @salonwithoutwalls.


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