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Rebel Stylist Celebrates the Work of One of Fashion’s Most Radical Figures

Caroline Baker worked with the likes of photographer Hans Feuer to shoot some of Nova magazine's most memorable covers—including this, from September 1971.Hans Feuer/Courtesy of ACC Art Books.

RUNWAY: Rebel Stylist Celebrates The Work Of One Of Fashion's Most Radical (And Inspiring) Figures, The British Editor Caroline Baker

Rebel Stylist celebrates the work of the maverick British fashion editor Caroline Baker. Its subtitle is The Woman Who Invented Street Fashion. And lest anyone accuse author Iain R. Webb of hyperbole, let’s make it clear from the get go: Never was a truer word spoken—or, for that matter, incorporated into the title of a book, which celebrates someone who should, quite frankly, have legend status. (The book is published by ACC Art Books and is out now.)

Link @salonwithoutwalls for full-feature!


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