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Ron Cherskin Is Back In The Art World

It is never too late to seek what your heart truly desires. Just ask Ron Chereskin.


CFDA: The Cutty Sark, Coty, and Woolmark award-winning menswear designer recently returned to his roots – the art world – where, in 1967, he first made his mark with the illustrated “Love Some Day” artwork, which is part of the permanent collection at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.

In the 1980s, his artwork has reappeared in design and fashion collections, keeping Chereskin’s passion for his art alive. After his significant contributions to American fashion, Chereskin has taken a leap of faith to attend the Arts Student League.

He remembers how his love for art blossomed.

“My oldest brother art directed for 25 years at Estee Lauder,” Chereskin recalled. “His mentorship was a great influence on my career, and still is in a big way. It led to the Art Students League in New York, where I am currently at. It is an amazing challenge, yet I am very excited to be back where it all started.”

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