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‘Shag bangs’ are the cool-girl shortcut to volume and texture!


Glamour U.K.: We love a fringe when autumn rolls around. Alongside providing an extra layer of insulation for your forehead, it can add serious personality. Our favourite rendition for 2022? Shag bangs.

The name is appropriate on two counts. First, it blends two of the biggest hair trends for fall: the fringe, with the mussiness of the shag haircut (which remains just as popular, a couple of years since the cut started exploding on social. In fact, new renditions continue to pull through: see also, The Sachel). Second, it has that between-the-sheets (wink) ruffled texture that lends itself to effortless air-drying and easy styling.

Link on-site @salonwithoutwalls for full-feature!


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