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Ten Reasons to Buy AnOther Magazine Spring/Summer 2023

Photography by Harley Weir, Styling by Robbie Spencer ... From Cate Blanchett’s thought-provoking conversation with Maggie Nelson to Martine Rose’s guest-edit of our Document section, here are ten reasons why you should buy our new issue

“At its most noble, every aspect of culture – be that film, music, literature, art or fashion – is a mirror of its time, a lasting testimony to the moment in which it was created,” writes editor-in-chief Susannah Frankel of the vision at the core of AnOther Magazine’s Spring/Summer 2023 issue. While every creative work can be seen to reflect the era it belongs to, this will never be a perfect reflection of reality, but “rather a refraction, an edit, a fusion of the interior lives of the creatives behind any work”. Our newest issue casts light onto the trailblazing talents of today and discovers how, through their craft, they project into the future.

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