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The Justin Bieber-Inspired Brand Making Luxury Hotel Slippers...

Lusso Cloud's influential founders include sneaker purveyor Jon Buscemi and skateboarder-turned-entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek.

Photo: Courtesy of Lusso Cloud

...You Can Wear Outside!

Fashionista: There's no denying that slip-on shoes are having a moment. From Crocs, Birkenstock and Hunter all the way up to Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Hermès, there's no shortage of brands delivering hands-free footwear to consumers whose feet live a free-spirited lifestyle. It's a movement that started gaining steam even before Covid-19 pushed those of who were lucky enough to work from home into a life of dressing for comfort above all else. (See: the 2019 rise of #muleboyz.) And sneaker-business star Jon Buscemi decided pre-pandemic to build a whole new brand around the comfy concept. Buscemi bills himself as a serial entrepreneur, whose projects include a namesake luxury sneaker line that famously sold a $132,000 shoe, as well as a "very, very luxurious" house slipper. The success of the latter planted the idea of building a (more reasonably priced) brand around it. "Not everyone can pay $400 for a handmade-in-Italy slipper," Buscemi tells me. "So I said, let's do something more democratic — same quality and same thought process, but at a different price point." Link for full-feature


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