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The Man Behind Fashion’s Most Famous Bob

Credit...Andreas Anastasis ...

During the early days of the pandemic, when no one was getting their hair done — or at least admitting it — Mr. Anastasis continued to show up at Ms. Wintour’s house as he always had, except that he wore a hazmat suit. After each of her public appearances, he scrolls through Getty Images to make sure her hair was properly patted down. When Ms. Wintour travels to Europe for fashion shows, he ships dyes along with detailed instructions to ensure that the international stylists her team hires maintain her specific shade of caramel blond. And when he’s out of town, he entrusts Lisa Jillian Marconi, a former employee of his who now works at Vidov West salon, with the responsibility. “I’m more obsessed than Anna is,” he said. “When it’s not perfect, I get so mad.”

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