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The Soft-Wave Bob Is Breezy, Boho, and About to Be Everywhere  

Glamour: Sure, the shape of a bob is fundamental. A great cut can make or break your hair's ability to look delicious on the daily. But the soft-wave bob? Well, it's proof that considered styling can breathe new life into your strands, and make you fall back in love with it, even if you're overdue for a cut.

In fact, that's one of the times a soft-wave bob works best. The unstructured shape complements outgrown strands, especially if you like a more laid-back, undone look. But equally the breezy styling can help loosen up ultra-neat cuts, like a freshly chopped blunt bob, and give it a much more relaxed vibe...

Link @salonwithoutwalls for full-feature!


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