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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Returns in September

Jeff Neira via Getty Images ...

After a four-year hiatus, the Angels may be returning to the runway. That’s right, the Victoria’s Secret show is coming back, though it seems like it will look a bit different this time. After years of controversies, exposes, and documentaries focused on the toxic nature of Victoria’s Secret and the show, the brand is eager to prove to the world how they’ve changed, promising the new iteration will “uplift and champion women on a global scale.” ... How will the Victoria’s Secret fashion show look different this time around? No longer just a runway extravaganza, the new show—which the company has dubbed “The Tour”—will be part fashion event and part documentary. According to WWD, the special will “celebrate women and global creatives, looking at fashion and art through a cinematic narrative lens.” The documentary portion will depict the formation of “The Tour,” being put on by the VS20, a group of 20 creatives hailing from across the globe, tasked to create four “fashion curations” inspired by Victoria’s Secret. Assumedly, a runway show will also take place. ... “The Tour” will air on Prime Video, and following its release, viewers will be able to shop pieces inspired by the show on Victoria’s Secret’s website, as well as the brand’s Amazon storefront. ... When will the Victoria’s Secret fashion show air? “The Victoria’s Secret World Tour” will stream on Prime Video on September 26th.

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